What We Do and Why We Do It

Our Mission Statement:

Cake Bubbles intends to use the creation of a product made from high quality fresh ingredients and hands-on processes to teach and mentor young mothers and women in Christ-centered family values and skills and support them in reaching their personal and professional goals.

On June 1st 2015, Rhea Padgett purchased Cake Bubbles and began operating the business as her own. Cake Bubbles as a business has been making delicious desserts since 2011 and continues to do so under new leadership. We are passionate about using the best fresh ingredients to make delicious homemade cakes, frostings and fillings that create delicious flavors that pop in your mouth.

While we don't currently have a storefront, we are producing Bubbles in a shared kitchen space located in Arvada, CO. Orders are available through shipping but customers can also pick up their orders at the commissary. 

This is the current Cake Bubbles team! On the left is our Assistant Manager Christina Allen, a teen mom with a heart for young women and a passion for baking! In the middle is the owner of Cake Bubbles Rhea Padgett. She was also a teen mom and is passionate about mentoring young mothers and helping launch them into being professional successful women in the work force. On the right, is Chariesa Prades a motivated student attending college and has a heart for working with young women. 

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Rocky Mountain Commissary Kitchen

5604 Kendall Ct.

Arvada CO 80003