Welcome to Cake Bubbles!

We're so excited to intoduce you to our Product. Cake Bubbles are a special dessert. Everything you love about a piece of cake all rolled up and dipped in Chocolate!

We are taking the dessert world by storm with our Classic Cake flavors like Perfect White Birthday Cake and our NO-DYE Red Velvet. Every quarter we add amazing seasonal collections containing flavors  like Chocolate Raspberry and Lemon Lavender to the menu offering. 

We are hear to make your Parties, Gifting ( Even Corporate) Easier. Cake Bubbles will add ease to your events and gifting leaving you time to do the way more important things in your life!

Choose the delivery option when ordering and leave us a note. Need a card? Great! Need it delivered a certain day or time? We have you covered!

We Cater weddings, parties and Holiday events and more!

 We offer a variety of options for decor, including custom colors of drizzle and sprinkles. We also offer our Cake Bubbles as Cake pop!