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Cake Bubbles is a small business located in Arvada, Colorado. Cake Bubbles has been making delicious Cake Bubbles - Cake Truffles since 2011. In 2015 Rhea purchased Cake Bubbles from her friend, mentor, and original Cake Bubble creator. Under Rhea's leadership, Cake Bubbles has continued to grow, and she has made it her own. We are passionate about using fresh, simple ingredients to make delightful Cake Bubble flavors, which bring you back to the simpler times. We provide a fantastic dessert that presents in a beautiful way to make any event, family gathering, or party POP! Order today for local pick-up (please call for availability) or delivery or US shipping.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use handmade, high-quality desserts to teach and mentor young mothers and women in Christ-centered values and skills and support them in reaching their personal and professional goals. A portion of our proceeds goes to Hope House monthly and supports these young mothers in achieving their self-sufficiency goals. Read more about Hope House here.

Rhea Padgett, the Owner and Head Baker of Cake Bubbles.